Shavers – Spring Greens

Shavers – Spring Greens


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Women’s Shavers!

Soap can dry your skin when shaving those glorious gams. Shaving cream clogs the razor or slips right off when you twist to get that annoying area behind your knee. As if shaving isn’t tedious enough, finding the right product can be frustrating and lame. We’ve got you covered with our shaving soaps specifically designed to get you a silky smooth, closer than close shave without frustration or irritation.

What it is: These shaving soaps are designed for use in the tub or shower, where we tend to shave our legs most often. These shavers boast exfoliating pumice powder, healing colloidal oatmeal, and moisturizing shea butter that will make you look forward to shaving your legs!

Why that’s cool: part soap, part exfoliant, part moisturizer, part shaving cream – these babies are pretty awesome. Pumice powder exfoliates and yields a closer shave while sharpening your blade. Soap cleanses and removes debris that leads to ingrown hairs. Shea butter moisturizes and makes that red and uncomfortable razor burn a distant memory. Colloidal oatmeal protects your skin’s needed moisture and keeps you free from dry scaly grossness after shaving. All cool things.


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