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Soap & Clay is a family owned operation that began on the interwebs in 2015. With a beautiful full service website created by Mrs. Soap & Clay's brother, Horton's Art, Soap & Clay launched with 12 soaps, 3 scrubs, and 8 bath bombs. Today we have 300 unique products on the website and on the shelves!

Since shutting down our retail facility in Tacoma, we have relocated to Gig Harbor where we focus our energy on workshops for all ages. We teach workshops for soaps, bath bombs, scrubs, lotions, oils - you want to make it, we will build a class for it! Additionally, Mrs Soap & Clay has formed a Maker's Collective and allows other artisan makers to use the space to teach their medium to others! Birthday parties, corporate events, just a night out with friends - there's always a reason to join a class or reserve space for a private party! For a list of current events, check out the Facebook page.

In the summer of 2019, Mrs. Soap & Clay was selected as one of South Sound's 40 under 40 - an honor that literally made her cry as she walked up to the stage to accept her plaque. While being recognized for a relentless work ethic and a dream that began in a very tiny box, she is aware that she would have not been deserving of such an award without the support of her Sudsers. That's you!

Our making philosophy is simple: art + science = magic! Our recipes are carefully formulated to ensure an epic skin experience with every product we make. From shampoo bars to shower bars, bath bombs to bath salts, solid lotion to solid conditioner - we run the skin and hair care gamut in beautiful, fun, and skin loving ways.

As our business has continued to grow, we have maintained a steadfast dedication to customer service and connecting with our Sudsers in real, meaningful ways. Check out the rest of the site, place an order, stop in, give us a call - we love to hear from you!

What We Do

About Soap and Clay

From Mrs. Soap & Clay:

I started Soap & Clay for a number of reasons, but the primary motivation was my grandmother. She was diagnosed with dementia a number of years ago, and my mother, brother and myself had a difficult time processing what that meant for our family. We needed an outlet, a way to cope with a life without this amazing woman and her incredible mind. As all three of us got our maker mentality from my grandmother, a veritable wealth of all artisan knowledge, it made sense to start a company built around those artistic talents. My mother heads up the clay (pottery coming soon!) side, my brother handles the media and web development, and I make bubbly, skin loving soap and beauty products like they’re going out of style.

As my grandmother was the most honest, altruistic, and knowledgeable person I’ve ever had the pleasure to know, it was very important to me to insert these critical values into every aspect of the organization. As such, Soap & Clay operates with complete transparency, our prices will always remain reasonable, and we donate a portion of sales to a different charitable organization each month. I also focus efforts on helping other soapers and makers in general achieve their goals as one of my grandmother’s great joys in life was helping others succeed. On the education level, I push myself daily to expand my soapy repertoire, learning from others while refusing to rest on my laurels.

Since the company went live, my Sudsers have been the driving force behind maintaining these core values. This is so much more than a buyer-seller relationship to me – my Sudsers add the color and texture to my soapy tapestry. Creating something beautiful and useful from a row of unassuming ingredients is such an intimate experience, and I appreciate every person that deems these creations worthy enough to purchase. I appreciate their support more than I can fully express, and their belief in my vision has kept me on this whirlwind ride. I consider my Sudsers family, and make every effort to treat them as such in every transaction. After all, my grandmother wouldn’t have approved of anything less.

At Soap & Clay

We do real. We do honest.
We make messes. We do fun.
We do high quality, botanical ingredients and fair prices.
We do happy! We do laughter.

We do preservative free, detergent free, and moisture rich products.
We love your skin, and think you should, too.
We believe in magic. We <3 superheroes.
We do bubbles! We do geek. We ARE geeks.

We soap, and live, with passion.
We do customer satisfaction with integrity and dedication.
We do community outreach.
We donate, volunteer, and always have a cup of sugar for our neighbors.

We strive to leave this world a little better than we found it.