• Loofah Soap – Coconut Shea


    Coconut Shea

    These loofah soaps contain a natural luffah, something that looks quite a bit like a giant cucumber. When dried it becomes an amazing exfoliator and massage bar.

    Body Buffer Soap – Loofah + Shea + Bubbly Soap = all the awesome things! Check out the full product description below!

  • Amibrite


    Citrus, Blackberry, & Coconut with exfoliant

    A Soap & Clay favorite! Amibrite artisan soap bar is bright, bubbly, and smells good enough to eat. Candy! From first sniff through the lather, rinse repeat process (which you’ll do. multiple times. because it smells that good), this soap is bursting with happiness. Try a bar today – you won’t regret it!

    Net Wt 4.5oz