• Shavers – Wisteria Fields


    Wisteria + Lilac
    Shaver+Exfoliant+Moisturizer+Soap. These shavers are awesome. Check below for full product description, because my web developer told me that I have to stop putting all of the information up here because it’s screwing up my analytics. You can scroll, I believe in you!


  • Mini Whip Sampler Pack


    Whipped Sugar Soap Scrub

    The smaller versions of our awesome whipped sugar scrubs in a handy gift set! Perfect for those that like to try all the dope scents or for gifting to a scrub loving friend. Polish, glow, gleam, shine – whatever terminology you use for those exfoliation things, this product has you covered! Scents change seasonally.

    Net Wt 12oz

  • Sugar Scrub – Lilac


    Made with a delightfully bubbly whipped soap and lots of sugar, these whipped sugar soap scrubs are perfect exfoliators suitable for total body use. Scents change often – stock up on your faves before they’re gone!

    Net Wt 8oz