10 Days of Thanks!

What’s up Sudsers? It’s hard to believe it, but we are coming up on the end of another fabulous year! Hopefully your 2018 has been amazing! This year has been a year of change for me, both on a professional and personal level. The shop has been remodeled a few times. Halfway through the year…

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Sunday Soapcase: Cupcake Bath Bombs!

bath bomb cupcakes

Foam + Fizzle = Awesome SUDSERS! It’s Sunday and rainy in the PNW. No surprise there; our fall doesn’t exactly consist of crunching leaves and chilly weather up here. The rains return and we retreat into our shells to prepare for several months of dreary gray weather. I grew up in Colorado, and winters were…

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Sunday Soapcase: Beer Soaps!

benefits of beer in soap

Benefits of Beer Soap. Happy Sunday, Sudsers! How’s your weekend been? Mine has been filled with making soap. Obvs. But this weekend was a bit different as I am replenishing back-stock of all of our standard soaps to (hopefully) get through the rest of the year. Next week the holiday production will begin and be…

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FAQ Friday: Clays, Classes, and Chaos

soap life

FAQ Friday – September 7th 2018 What’s up, Sudsers! As I mentioned on Sunday, I am restarting the old blog thang. No word on how long it will last, but I have high hopes that I will last at least a week longer. Kidding! Kinda. Anyway, FAQ Friday is where we discuss the most frequently…

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Sunday Soapcase – Mud Masks!

Rub some dirt on it. What’s up, Sudsers? Welcome back to the blog after a yearlong brief break! I have been working on getting in the flow of running a brick and mortar and keeping up with the website, and it’s been all too easy to blow off blog updates in favor of 9000 other things…

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FAQ Friday: Soap for Sensitive Skin


Sensitive Skin Needs Love Too! Greetings and salutations, Sudsers! Mrs. Soap & Clay here with this week’s edition of FAQ Friday. First up, a few updates. I am still sans printer which makes labeling my products tough. SO…I am having a naked bar sale  – all soaps are $5 each! Coupon code is GONAKED and is…

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FAQ Friday: The “Clay” in Soap & Clay

benefits of clay soap bentonite soap activated charcoal soap kaolin soap red clay in soap

Benefits of Clay Soap Hey Sudsers! Mrs. Soap & Clay here with a new edition of FAQ Friday! Yes, I know it’s been a while. No, I haven’t run out of frequently asked questions. I have, however, found myself running out of time to sit down and type posts, and when I finally DO have…

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Sunday Soap Case: ‘Tis the Season of Giving!

grad female

Soap & Clay’s Soapiversary What’s up, Sudsers? It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. I’ve taken a bit of Soap Case hiatus following the Tacoma Dome Gift Show. Following the show (which was awesome, btw), I had to scramble to restock my inventory as well as prep and move into our new house!…

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Sunday Soap Case: We All Wear Masks…

activated charcoal face mask for aging and acne

Masques & Masks – A Perfect Match! Greetings, Sudsers! I hope your weekend has been productive. Mine has been decent – this was the final weekend before Tacoma’s Holiday Food and Gift Festival at the Tacoma Dome, so I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Except not really. I signed up for…

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Sunday Soap Case: Activate your Girl Game!

activated charcoal face bar

In and Through the Looking Glass It’s Sunday!* This week has been BUSY! With the Holiday Food and Gift Show at the Tacoma Dome looming over me (figuratively, yes, but also literally as I can see the Dome from my soap shop in Freighthouse Station), I’ve been scrambling to keep up with inventory, online orders…

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