• Lavender Honey Marbled Soap


    Lavender Honey

    This listing is for a full batch of soap at a discounted price! Batch yields 11 full size bars and two end pieces. Soaps are made to order, so please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

    This marbled soap is scented with a bright floral lavender and a warm and comforting honey, pairing two of my favorite scents in the world. The lather on this is so creamy and lush and silky. It’s a good one, is what I’m saying.

    Featured on Soap & Clay’s YouTube channel – watch the video for the creation of this soap!

  • Love is Love – The Pride Bar


    Orange + Mango

    This listing is for a full batch at a discounted price! Batch contains 11 full size bars and 2 end pieces at a steep discount. As these are made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.

    Back again for a limited time! This bar is released every June, and 100% of the profit is donated to GLAAD, because Taylor Swift said so. Just kidding, that’s not the real reason. Obviously.

    This bar is a six layer pour to represent the Pride flag, and is kept in stock through the month of June. It’s scented with lime and orange and a little bit of spicy mango to give it a sweet and spicy kick. It’s awesome. Obviously.



  • Shampoo Bars – Type Three


    Type 3 – Grapefruit Rose – Dry & Textured

    Start your deep conditioning with your shampoo! Made with carrot and jojoba oil, this bar tames frizz, controls flyaways, and keeps curls perfect and bouncy! Mrs. Soap & Clay’s kidlet and Soaprentices (all curly-haired beauties) swear by this shampoo bar.

  • Solid Dish Soap – Make Dishwashing Fun!


    Solid Dish Soap

    Soap Scum+Hard Water Stain RemoverVegan and 100% natural (because what else would we do around here), this solid dish soap block is super bubbly, cuts through grease and grime, and leaves your dishes sparkly and spot free!

    Made with naturally antibacterial oils, this dish block is formulated to easily cut through the remains of your cooking day so you can make more awesome foodie creations. If you’re taking orders, I like brownies.

    Also useful for cleaning kitchen counters, stoves, sinks – anything you typically clean in your kitchen, can be cleaned with this!

    At 13oz a pop, this solid dish soap will last you several months – making it not only an eco-friendly alternative to liquid dish soap, but also budget friendly. You’re just winning the internet today.

  • Unicorn Dreams | Summer 2020 | Raspberry + Vanilla


    Unicorn Dreams

    This listing is for a full batch of soap at a discounted price. Each batch contains 11 full size bars and 2 end pieces. As these are made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.

    This bar has a big beautiful lather, smells sweet, and generally rocks. Cool rainbow pattern inside, and another Sudser named it Unicorn Dreams. Ship it. Also found on YouTube as Day 21 of 365 Days of Soap!

    Ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, Argan oil, olive oil, canola oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, kaolin clay, micas, EOs & FOs

  • Watermelon Soap


    NOTE: This listing is for a bulk order of soaps at a discounted price. Shipping times are 2-3 weeks.

    See below for full product details and keep being awesome.

  • YouTube Grab Bag! | Soapy Surprises


    Soap Sampler Pack

    We’ve made a lot of soap during the 365 Days of Soap project on YouTube. And you’ve cleaned us out of many products…until we found some stragglers mucking about. So we decided to box them up into cute soap sets and have some fun!

    This soap sampler pack contains 5 FULL SIZE products that have been made on the YouTube channel in the last few months at a KILLER DEAL! Have some fun with a soapy adventure and snag some truly epic soap creations at an amazing price. Help us clear our shelves for the fall madness, too – everyone wins.

  • Autumn Stroll


    Honey + Vanilla

    It’s fall, and you know what that means! Pumpkin season! Except this year I’m not doing pumpkin. I know, it’s very off brand for me. This soap is SO beautiful, smells SO amazing, and has SUCH a good skin feel that I didn’t feel the need to include something pumpkin. And that’s ok.

    Scented with sweet honey and warm vanilla, this scent captures all things I love about fall. Full product description below!

    Net Wt 4.5oz

  • Beard Wash – Americano



    Americano is a bold coffee based soap with a gorgeous, detoxifying lather that nourishes and protects the hair follicle. This is a great bar for those in the early stages of bearding (a real term) as it helps establish good growth while cleansing and moisturizing.

    Net Wt 4oz

  • Beard Wash – Beard Thirty


    Cedar + Amber

    Beard Thirty is a beer soap with an amazing, creamy lather that soothes irritated skin and softens the hair follicle. Bergamot, amber, and cedar finish this rustic bar.

    Net Wt 4oz

  • Beard Wash – Clean Coal


    Sandalwood + Orange

    Clean Coal is an activated charcoal bar perfect for thick, established beards that have more places for dirt to hide. This bar eliminates grime and grit while removing toxins that lead to ingrown hairs from the skin. Sandalwood and orange are both calming and uplifting.

    Net Wt 4oz

  • Beard Wash – Frontier


    Verbena + Eucalyptus

    Frontier is a pine tar soap with a thick, beautiful lather that promotes hair growth. This is a great bar for those in the early stages of bearding (a real term) as it helps establish good growth while cleansing and moisturizing. Outdoorsy and fresh, this lemon, verbena, and eucalyptus blend is very similar to Creed’s Green Irish Tweed cologne.

    Net Wt 4oz

  • Beard Wash – Pembroke


    Cedar + Amber

    Pembroke is a delightfully bubbly bar with soothing colloidal oatmeal and smelling of mahogany and spice.

    Net Wt 4oz

  • Beard Wash – Ship Shape


    Ocean + Sea Salt

    Ship Shape is a salt brine bar with a gentle exfoliation for the skin beneath the beard, making this great for a well established beard with hard to reach skin. Also nourishes and seals the hair shaft to maintain moisture.

    Net Wt 4oz

  • Beer: Black & Tan


    Oatmeal & Honey Ale
    Beer soaps contain hops, amino acids, and lots of skin loving vitamins that really take that moisturizing and protecting game to a new level. Beer soaps balance the skin’s pH, soften callouses and rough patches, and soothe irritated or sensitive skin.

    Net Wt 4.5oz

  • Beer: Chestnut Porter


    Chestnut + Vanilla
    Alluring, warm scent with this chestnut and vanilla blend. Amazing, big lather!

    Net Wt 4.5oz