Hello Gorgeous


Hello Gorgeous


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Handmade in Washington


Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

Always Cruelty Free

Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be YOU.

Hello Gorgeous Soap Bar obviously looks great, but what does she do for your skin? A lot! Purifying kaolin clay, skin loving olive, big bubbly coconut and nourishing argan oils all come together to create a nourishing powerhouse for all skin types! This bar also contains activated charcoal, which helps create a big gorgeous lather and a detoxifying experience in the shower. Long lasting in the shower – you won’t regret this one!

For all the awesome women of the world! You know and love who you are. You have dreams and you pursue them with class and style. Thin or curvy, tall or short, yoga pants or pinup dresses – you are you, and you are extraordinary. You? Are gorgeous. Hello Gorgeous was created to honor all of the confident, beautiful women that feel completely comfortable in their own skin. Warm and sensuous Tahitian vanilla beans pair with bright and zesty lime to create a scent that’s all at once comforting, sultry, and energizing.

Net Wt 4.5oz

7 reviews for Hello Gorgeous

  1. vlsvaldi

    So gorgeous you want to just admire its beauty…but when you use it, you smell and feel gorgeous! Got to order more!😊

  2. JoVonna (verified owner)

    My skin feels amazing! This soap smells great and is not harsh on sensitive skin. Already planning my next purchases!

  3. Sharrel

    Really loved the aroma of this one… Leaves your skin feeling great, too!

  4. Jeannette Bell

    This bar is fresh and sweet at the same time. The zest paired with the sweet vanilla makes such an awesome combo.

  5. Morey

    “Hello gorgeous” smells amazing and makes my skin feel great.

  6. Tammy (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this one. So fresh!

  7. Joppy (verified owner)

    Hello Gorgeous is an amazing soap. Vanilla and lime make a delightful combination for this product. The sweet, creamy scent of vanilla, combined with the bright, zesty aroma of lime, creates a refreshing and uplifting fragrance. This blend is perfect for energizing morning showers or relaxing evening baths, offering a sensory experience that can invigorate the senses and soothe the spirit. The fragrance not only smells wonderful but also leaves the skin feeling refreshed and lightly perfumed.

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