The Tyler Durden


The Tyler Durden


(3 customer reviews)

Handmade in Washington


Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

Always Cruelty Free

I am Jack’s dry and itchy skin.

This bar will hit you as hard as it can. This soap is so good that you will want to tell everyone about it. (You can’t; it’s the first rule.) This bar is a study in duality. Light and dark. Soothing moisturizers and hard-core exfoliants. Warm, spicy top notes glide effortlessly to a clean and sweet finish. A scent that is all at once clean and alluring, playful and stimulating, this soap delivers a strong and spicy pepper blend overture, moves seamlessly into a cinnamon interlude, and a slightly sweet blackberry finale. Packed with super moisturizing Coconut Oil and Vitamin E and skin polishing pumice, this soap will make you feel like you’re a beautiful and unique snowflake. Even if you’re not.

Use soap.

The Tyler Durden Bar Soap is one of the longest running best sellers in the Soap & Clay line. Stock up when it’s in stock!

Net Wt 4.5oz


3 reviews for The Tyler Durden

  1. vlsvaldi

    My husband has been using this bar for months. Not only does he smell soooo good….he no longer has scratch marks on his legs from scratching his dry skin. 😗
    Thanks Soap & Clay!

  2. KGeorge (verified owner)

    You cannot stop making this. This is absolutely amazing. The smell is to die for (but not that kind of die like Robert Paulson right?) and the colors are just beautiful! My hubs noticed his itchy skin went away after just one use and now he’s telling me I better get more. No regrets…. except that I am not supposed to talk about it and I just did.

  3. AshLeigh Norlen (verified owner)

    My husband and I bought this for the first time in November- and it’s easily his favorite bar so far. he keeps asking me to order more when it’s in stock, so hopefully I was swift enough on the uptake this time!

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