Beard Thirty Beard Wash

Beard Thirty Beard Wash


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Handmade in Washington


Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

Always Cruelty Free

For the cowboys.

What it is: When the clock strikes Beard Thirty, it’s time to lather up like a true cowboy. Saddle up for the ultimate beard grooming experience with our Beard Thirty Beard Wash, meticulously crafted to bring the rugged charm of the Old West to your daily routine.

Why that’s awesome: Step up your grooming game with Beard Thirty, the solid bar beard wash that combines the cleansing power of beer and Aritha powder with the moisturizing benefits of avocado butter and jojoba oil. Perfect for cowboys and city slickers alike, it’s the ideal choice for a healthy, well-maintained beard.

Beer-Infused Formula for Big Bubbles Channel your inner cowboy with our unique beer-infused formula. Just like a frothy pint at the local saloon, Beard Thirty creates a rich, bubbly lather that thoroughly cleanses your beard, leaving it as fresh as a prairie breeze.

Aritha Powder: Nature’s Cleanser Known for its natural cleansing properties, Aritha powder helps to achieve those big, robust bubbles that make your beard feel as pristine as a spring morning on the range. It’s a natural way to ensure a deep clean without stripping your beard of its essential oils.

Moisturizing Power of Avocado Butter and Jojoba Oil After a long day on the trail, your beard deserves the best. Beard Thirty is enriched with avocado butter and jojoba oil to deliver intense moisture to both your beard and skin. These natural emollients ensure a soft, manageable beard while preventing dryness and irritation.

Balanced pH for Healthy Skin Beard Thirty is expertly formulated to balance your skin’s pH acid mantle, maintaining the health of your skin and preventing issues like itchiness and flakiness. It’s a beard wash that works as hard as you do, keeping your beard in peak condition.

Net Wt 4oz

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