• Beard Wash – Frontier


    Verbena + Eucalyptus

    Frontier is a pine tar soap with a thick, beautiful lather that promotes hair growth. This is a great bar for those in the early stages of bearding (a real term) as it helps establish good growth while cleansing and moisturizing. Outdoorsy and fresh, this lemon, verbena, and eucalyptus blend is very similar to Creed’s Green Irish Tweed cologne.

    Net Wt 4oz

  • Beard Oil


    Be it scruff or full growth, your beard needs love, too. Beard oil is an essential part of the #BEARDLIFE. For those new to the beard oil world, check out the detailed description below before making your selections. For the beard pros, pick a scent and go be awesome.

    Net Wt 1 oz

  • Deluxe Beard Care Kit


    Tame your facial tresses.

    Complete beard care kit! Don’t shave off those unruly bristles; tame them. Our beard line is guaranteed to leave your beard healthy, shining and soft. See full description below.

    Want it monthly? Check out our beard kit sub boxes!

  • Shower Steamers


    Menthol + Eucalyptus

    Menthol & Eucalyptus shower steamers will tackle the toughest cold. Save your sick days for when you’re not actually sick.

    See full product description below.