Chestnut Porter


Chestnut Porter


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Handmade in Washington


Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

Always Cruelty Free

Hooray, Beer!

What it is: It’s soap! With beer! The Chestnut Porter beer soap is the ultimate indulgence for beer lovers who want to take their shower game to the next level. Made with locally sourced Washington State beer, this soap is the perfect way to enjoy the aroma of your favorite brew while getting clean.

But Chestnut Porter isn’t just any old soap. It’s packed with a walnut shell exfoliant that will leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. And the scent? It’s a delicious blend of chestnuts and vanilla that will make you want to eat the soap (but please don’t).

Now, let’s talk about the beer. Chestnut Porter is a rich and nutty beer that’s perfect for sipping on a cold winter night. And now, you can enjoy that same aroma in the shower. Plus, the hops in beer are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, which can help soothe irritated skin and reduce redness. And the yeast in beer is packed with B vitamins, which can help nourish and hydrate your skin.

But let’s get back to the soap. Chestnut Porter beer soap has an epic lather that will leave you feeling clean and refreshed. And the walnut shell exfoliant will help slough off dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking and feeling its best.

Why that’s awesome: It’s the perfect way to start your day, or to wind down after a long day of work. And who knows, maybe you’ll even inspire your friends to start showering with beer too. Cheers to that!

Net Wt 4.5oz


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