Bath Bombs – Mystery Bombs!


Bath Bombs – Mystery Bombs!

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Handmade in Washington


Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

Always Cruelty Free

The Island of Misfit Bath Bombs.

Scratch & Dent bath bombs on sale! These bombs are a collection of fragrant fizzies that didn’t quite meet Mrs. Soap & Clay’s standard for a seat on the main shelves. They’re still bath bombs, they’re still awesome, they still fizz and zoom and zip – but they’re not as pretty as originally planned. That means great deals for you!

Details: These are all full size bath bombs (6-8oz varieties) that perform just like the full price ones. But they’re a bit messy – some have seams showing, others were the wrong color, etc. So they’re half price – stock up and get ready for bath tub awesomeness! NOTE: this is a mystery bomb, meaning that you will have no idea which bomb you’re getting. Botanical and gourmand scents include lemon, lime, orange, lavender, raspberry, peach, chocolate, pear – there are a lot of beauties here. Ready for an adventure? Add some to your cart and see if you can guess what the scent is!


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