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Shower Steamers


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Cold and Flu Season just got…awesome?

New to the site for cold and flu season, these soothing shower steamers are must haves for those who don’t have time for down-time. These menthol and eucalyptus fizzies will relieve congestion and body aches while turning your shower into your own personal steam room! Much more posh than sticking vapo-rub up your nose, amirite? Shower steamers are available in three versions – Mint (to clear the mind as well as the airways), Orange (to boost immunity while battling inflamed nasal passages) and Lavender (to calm and soothe).

What it is: Shower steamers are a slow release form of bath bombs designed to be used in your shower or on a ledge in your tub. When activated, they deliver powerful menthol, pure eucalyptus and other therapeutic essential oils to the warm and steamy air in your bathroom.

Why that’s cool: Menthol is an organic plant extract sourced from peppermint leaves and has long been used to alleviate congestion and soothe irritated airways. Eucalyptus oil is also known to relieve congestion as well as control coughing and numb body aches and pains. When delivered in steam inhalation form, menthol and eucalyptus work together to fight the most stubborn cold, flu, or cough.

How it works: Step one: get naked. Step two: turn on shower. Step three: place shower steamer tab in shower but out of direct water. Step four: let the shower steamer vapors do their thing while you suds up as normal (Mrs. Soap & Clay recommends using this bar while you’re sick). Beats sitting hunched over a bowl with a towel wrapped around your face.

Things to note: These bad boys are puh-owerful, so I do not recommend using more than one at a time. I also do not recommend putting them in bath water (you’ll lose the steamy awesomeness, and menthol can be a skin irritant to some), but using them on a ledge (with the shower curtain drawn so you can get the full benefit!) is A-OK. I further do not recommend using these with kiddos under the age of three. You’re an awesome parent and will use your best judgment; I believe in your abilities to make these decisions.

For more information on the additional benefits of menthol crystals, click here.

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2 reviews for Shower Steamers

  1. Crystal

    Love these! It really is like a spa in your shower and I’d use these with or without a cold! :p

  2. Morey (verified owner)

    These shower steamers work great when both my kids were sick they showered with the lavender one . They both slept great and felt better the next morning. Plus my husband has even started using them too.

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