For Your Skin Only


For Your Skin Only


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Handmade in Washington


Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

Always Cruelty Free

Sexy Soap for that Sexy Man.

You’re a real man’s man. You’re worldly, intelligent, always impeccably dressed. You’re a gentleman. Sexy and mysterious, you command the room merely by walking into it. Women swoon at the mention of your name. Men are so envious of your wit and charm that they regularly send assassins to take you down with an array of increasingly ludicrous torture devices. You’ve flown jet packs, are skilled with laser weapons, and make careening down a snowy mountain in a cello case look like a leisurely stroll in the park. You’ve visited every exotic location of the known world – you’ve even spent a bit of time in space. And that one time? You won a $115 million dollar poker tournament though you seemed to spend very little time at the table. You need a soap as impressive as you are.

Impressive guy? You’ve met your soapy match. For Your Skin Only is the embodiment of the quintessential man. Full-bodied and alluring, this bar smells better than the best cologne ever created. Soap & Clay’s female testers have voiced their desire to snuggle up with this bar, while our male testers have appreciated its unambiguous, decidedly masculine scent. Already a Soap & Clay favorite – don’t wait to pick up this one!

Net Wt 4oz



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