Blood Orange Loofah

Blood Orange Loofah


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Lather. Buff. Rinse.

Are you a “bar to skin” or an “apply to loofah” Sudser? Well now you can be both! These body buffers are a scrubber, a cleanser, a moisturizer, and an awesome all rolled (literally) into one handy bar! This body buffer soap does it all and does it while looking adorable and smelling awesome.

What it is: Mrs. Soap & Clay combines the awesome cleansing and moisturizing powers of jojoba oil and shea butter with a natural loofah (luffa? loofa? That thing that people call a sea cucumber? Interesting fact: it’s not a sea cucumber at all but it IS related to the cucumber family) to create a bar that will leave your skin polished, glowing, smooth and feeling amazing! The loofah also boosts circulation, helping your body slough off dead skin cells and detoxify.

Why that’s awesome: Who doesn’t want glowing and polished skin? A natural loofah promotes circulation and is an effective exfoliant and massager. Use it in the shower or the tub as a total body massage/exfoliator. Give some attention to your elbows and the bottoms of your feet because it rocks in that capacity as well. Just don’t use it on your face – the rough and irregular texture of a loofah could damage facial skin. The bright citrusy scents will stimulate your mind and help you tackle even the toughest of days. The moisturizing Shea will protect and nourish your skin after the loofah has done its job.

Net Wt 4oz

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