Calm Bomb

Calm Bomb


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Bath Bombs – Grown-up Fun.

Hooray, bombs! If you haven’t yet experienced a bath bomb in your life, you need to. These beauties are pretty magical. They fizz, zoom, zip and flit about the tub, which should be cool enough in and of itself. Soap & Clay mondo bath bombs also condition the water, fill the bathroom with amazing scents, detoxify and soothe skin ailments. Pretty awesome, right? Bath bombs are a great way to take your tub time to the next level. And tub time? Should ALWAYS be taken to the next level.

Soap & Clay’s bath bombs contain a basic mix of baking soda and citric acid, plus tons of skin loving extras to nourish you from the outside in (not the other way around, please – they only look good enough to eat). For more information on the ingredients, click here.

Don’t forget about the little Sudsers! Check the link for smaller bombs with bright colors and fun, clean scents that are perfect for kid size baths.

As creating bath bombs is one of Mrs. Soap & Clay’s favorite addictions, stock can change fairly often so make sure to check back now and then.

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7 reviews for Calm Bomb

  1. Katie

    I just tried this in the Beach Bomb scent, and I’m in love. It turned the water a brilliant shade of blue right away, but left zero traces of that color after I drained the tub. The scent was beautiful, not overwhelming but still strong enough to linger on my skin and make my whole bathroom smell beautifully sweet and fresh. My skin feels a~mazing!

  2. Tammy

    I have given these as gifts a few times and always get great rave reviews back. 🙂

  3. Sara Grim

    The Bling Bomb is amazing! Theres a touch of sparkle that doesnt stick to your skin or towel and the fragrance is ideal for relaxing. I stock up on the bomb monthly! Runner ups are the calm bomb and the love bomb. They all leave my skin feeling amazing and the scents are so refreshing I clear my mind just taking a whiff of the bombs! I even dedicated a bowl in my washroom to decoratively display these lovely bombs while they wait to be enjoyed. I highly recommend them!

  4. Candice

    Another incredible product. They smell amazing and leave your skin super soft. The flower petals are beautiful floating on the water, but if you aren’t into cleaning them up afterwards (I’m not) you can throw the bomb in a piece of panty hose before it goes in the tub and tadaaa! These make great gifts.

  5. Mariann (verified owner)

    I tried many of the bath bombs but Live Bomb is amazing. Restful and fragrant

  6. Mariann (verified owner)

    Love bomb!!!!

  7. Mariann (verified owner)

    I don’t mean to go on and on, but my husband loves the fragrance of the Love Bomb. “Hypnotic good” is his response! He says it is the best smell ever. Wants me to buy more of it.

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