Sugar Scrub – Amber & Cocoa

Sugar Scrub – Amber & Cocoa


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Whipped Sugar Soap Scrub

So whipped sugar soap? Pretty amazing. Like all of Soap & Clay’s soap products, it has exceptional cleansing and moisturizing skills. (because our soap definitely has skills.) Like all of Soap & Clay’s scrubs, it has excellent exfoliating skills. And like all of Soap & Clay’s products, it smells awesome. The combination of these three bits of amazingness equals a pretty special product. Whipped soap and a sugar scrub meet to create a light, airy, velvety smooth product that polishes your skin, cleans your skin, and rinses away with no residue. Sweet!

Net Wt 8oz

5 reviews for Sugar Scrub – Amber & Cocoa

  1. k8lyn34

    I absolutely love these whipped sugar scrubs! I use the citrus lavender whip to wash my face with at night, and the fragrance is so relaxing. It also has done wonders for my skin! I live in a high altitude, dry, cold climate that seriously dries out my face every winter. By this time I’d be layering on the lotion to make my nose look somewhat normal, but not this year! My skin is so soft and smooth, plus my blackheads and the annoying white bumps I’ve always had are disappearing! So cool.

  2. Donna Vance

    Love this scrub. Makes my face feel soft and clean. I would highly recommend this product!

  3. Katie

    This soap scrub is amazing. After it lightly exfoliates, it LATHERS. Oh. Heaven. It is also gentle enough to use on the face and leaves a silky smooth after feel. I am also convinced that Soap & Clay should make everything they offer in the Lemon Black Tea scent. It is my very favorite. <3

  4. Morey

    The vanilla chia whipped sugar scrub is a great product. It lathers up so well and works great on making your skin feel smooth.

  5. Lauren McCrory Marchesani (verified owner)

    First, I am a big fan of Mrs Soap & Clay on youtube. I have been tuning in for a long time. I was making the soap paste recipe and decided to try one of the sugar soap scrubs by Mrs Soap & Clay herself! It did not disappoint! It is rich and creamy, and it left me feeling clean and moisturized! Loved it! In my package I received my scrub and my heavenly lotion bar, which is absolutely amazing. They were so kind to mail me an extra lotion bar which I am so grateful for because I absolutely love them, and I was SO happy because they even sent me a bar of soap!!! Well, that bar of soap was out of this world!! I have no other words, but OUT OF THIS WORLD! I am still using it and I totally dig it! I do my own soaps that I learn how to make through Mrs Soap & Clay! You taught me to make soap, Mrs Soap and Clay! Thank you! Hopefully one day I will get as good as you! All in all, these products are just awesome and so is the channel! I am OBSESSED!! Thank you so much for a completely awesome order, and thank you so much for the extra goodies! So, so happy with everything!

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