FAQ Friday: Ingredients, Glycerin and Subscription Box

FAQ Friday

Ingredients, Glycerin, and Subscription Box Announcement

How’s everyone’s week been? The Soap & Clay kidlets and I have been flying sans Mr. Soap & Clay this week while he’s living the road warrior life. Thanks for working so hard, hot husband. We appreciate the food and heat and stuff. While he’s been gone, we’ve spent our days practicing our spelling (I’m getting really good) and our nights enjoying floor picnics while watching Downton Abbey Super Why. I’ve enjoyed all of the extra girl time, but without my nightly relief, I haven’t had much time to focus on soap. As such, I’m behind on site updates and will be spending all day Saturday soaping to replenish my stock from the week’s orders. As additional such (yup), this week’s FAQ Friday will be as short as my three year old’s fuse when she needs a nap. Ready, steady, go!

FAQ Friday

Ingredients List

Do you have a list of ingredients used in your products? I have noticed that many soap companies don’t list them.

Answer: I am a big fan of transparency. So yes, everything I put into my products I list on my site and on the individual packaging. The reason you haven’t seen ingredients listed on other sites or products is because, simply put, we aren’t legally required to. Soapmakers are currently living in an FDA shade of grey; we don’t have to list our ingredients as long as we don’t claim our products have any medicinal or curative properties. I do think this relative freedom will soon come to an end, however, and we will all be required to list our ingredients per FDA regulations. Which I personally think is a great thing; don’t you have a right to know what you’re putting on your skin?


ingredients, glycerin and subscription box

Singer. Sexy man. Soapmaker. Why not.

Isn’t glycerin dangerous? That’s a chemical that is really bad for your skin.

Answer: No. Nope. Not so much. No. I have heard this quite often at trade shows and events. Glycerin is a byproduct of the saponification process – where the oils mix and mingle with the sodium hydroxide solution to create soap. Before being introduced to the soaping process, glycerol exists within the oils themselves, as the backbone of fatty acid chains (triglycerides). The glycerin byproduct of the soapmaking process is actually great for your skin – so much so, in fact, that many commercial companies remove the glycerin from their detergent bars and use it in high-end, expensive skincare products. Soap & Clay leaves all of that skin-loving glycerin in each and every bar we make, giving you exceptional skin with no upcharge! For more information the benefits of topical glycerin, check out this link.

Subscription Box, Part Deux

ingredients, glycerin and subscription box

Look at all of that awesomeness!

In last week’s FAQ Friday, I answered Sudser questions regarding Soap of the Month boxes. This week, I’m happy to announce that Soap & Clay will be teaming up with Lavish Bath Box for all of your skincare needs (and wants, and desires, and guilty pleasures), conveniently boxed together and delivered to your door. This monthly subscription box will be full of bath and shower goodies – from artisan soaps and scrubs to bath bombs and bubble bars, even tubside perks like candles and dishes will find their way into the line. I am over the moon excited to be a part of this! For more information on the bath box, follow the link and enter in your email address. You’re not going to want to miss this!


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