FAQ Friday: Soap for Sensitive Skin


Sensitive Skin Needs Love Too! Greetings and salutations, Sudsers! Mrs. Soap & Clay here with this week’s edition of FAQ Friday. First up, a few updates. I am still sans printer which makes labeling my products tough. SO…I am having a naked bar sale  – all soaps are $5 each! Coupon code is GONAKED and is…

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Sunday Soap Case: Lego Madness!

city blocks brick or treat lego

City Blocks Brick-or-Treat and Soapy Lego Fun! Hey there, Sudsers! How’s your weekend treating you? Pagan Pride has been in full swing this weekend at Freighthouse Station and it has been such a treat to mingle with the local holistic community as they explore our building. As the gods and goddesses collect their treasures and…

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Sunday Soap Case: Sugar Lip Butters Rock My World!

sugar lip balm

Sunday Soap Case: Adventures at Freighthouse Square (and some news on a sweet new product). It’s Sunday and it was so beautiful this weekend! The Soap & Clay family spent the past few days chasing Pokemon, taking the bulldog on adventure walks, and exploring Tacoma’s Historic Freighthouse Square.  This is a pretty amazing building filled with incredible food…

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Sunday Soap Case: Wicked Fun Soap for Wicked Awesome Kids

fun soap

Bubble Baubles: Fun Soap + Clean Kids = Happy Parents! It’s Sunday, which means another Game of Thrones episode, work tomorrow, and this week’s Soap Case. On the agenda today: Bubble Baubles! Read on for more information about a new twist on an old Soap & Clay product. Where have all the prizes gone? I’ve noticed…

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FAQ Friday: Ingredients, Glycerin and Subscription Box

ingredients, glycerin, and subscription box

FAQ Friday Ingredients, Glycerin, and Subscription Box Announcement How’s everyone’s week been? The Soap & Clay kidlets and I have been flying sans Mr. Soap & Clay this week while he’s living the road warrior life. Thanks for working so hard, hot husband. We appreciate the food and heat and stuff. While he’s been gone,…

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Caring for Artisan Soap + Soap Scrap Ideas

Caring for Artisan Soap (and ways to reuse scraps) Wait, what? Caring for my soap? Don’t I just, you know, leave it? I know, it seems a bit nutty that I’d devote an entire blog post to soap care, but I would be remiss to ignore this important piece of handmade sudsing. Unlike commercial soaps,…

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