FAQ Friday: Solid Shavers, Custom Orders, and Soap of the Month Club

Solid Shavers, Custom Orders, and Soap of the Month Club

FAQ Friday

It’s Friday, and the first FAQ of 2016! My new year has been a great kind of hectic – the Soap & Clay parental units have been visiting us in the PNW, Mr. Soap & Clay took some time off of work to spend with his little family, and I have spent every free second in the soap shop, scheming. Soap scheming is the best, yeah? I have big plans for the new year, and am excited to launch new products (including solid shavers!), promotions, and Sudser deals!

On FAQ Friday’s agenda today: solid shavers, custom orders, and a SOTM Club. Ready to get to it? Me too!

Shaving soaps for the ladies

I have been using my husband’s solid shaver to shave my legs, and I love it! Do you have any shaving soaps for women?


solid shavers

Can’t you just see these sitting side by side in your bathroom?

Answer: I have been working on expanding the shaving line for the past few months. My testers have, well, tested, and I am pleased to announce that I will be rolling out new shaving soaps for men and women in the coming months! First up will be a women’s solid shaver. The pumice powder provides a gentle exfoliation, opening up hair follicles for a closer shave without clogging your razor blades. The clay blend provides good slip for your razor and draws impurities from the skin, ensuring nothing gets trapped in the pores. The moisturizing oils and butters nourish and protect your skin – no more razor rash! This supersoap will be making her debut in the Valentine’s gift sets, which will be available for purchase in about a week.

Custom Orders

I love your products and think they would be great for an upcoming event. I’d like something themed. Do you do custom orders?

Answer: I sure do! I have enjoyed working closely with Sudsers to create custom soaps, bath bombs, or gift sets for various events. From gender reveal bath bombs to monogrammed wedding soaps, I’ve dabbled in a bit of it all. I love the creative ideas customers bring to me! I do require a minimum of 4 weeks lead time for custom orders, however; most of my products require curing time before they can be used. If you’d like more information about custom orders, send me a message!

custom orders

Soap of the Month Membership

I have a hard time choosing between your products and would like to try them all! Do you have a membership program where you send me soaps each month?

Answer: I will soon! I love subscription boxes (Stitch Fix is a personal favorite) and have planned on having a monthly offering of my own since Soap & Clay was in the planning stage. I’m very close to rolling our SoapBox out but am working through a few of the finer details to ensure a smooth launch. In the meantime, sign up for Soap & Clay’s newsletter for access to our existing promotions and exclusive specials. I will likely announce the SoapBox subscription to my Preferred Sudsers first via the newsletter, so sign up today!

That’s it for me today, Sudsers. Don’t forget to check out the January special – 25% off of all full-sized scrubs! Have a great weekend!




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