Sunday Soapcase: Beer Soaps!

benefits of beer in soap

Benefits of Beer Soap. Happy Sunday, Sudsers! How’s your weekend been? Mine has been filled with making soap. Obvs. But this weekend was a bit different as I am replenishing back-stock of all of our standard soaps to (hopefully) get through the rest of the year. Next week the holiday production will begin and be…

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Soap Challenge – Circling Taiwan Swirl


Circling Taiwan Swirl Well, it’s happened. After months of debating, I’ve finally screwed my courage to the sticking point and signed up for Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge. Amy Warden of Great Cakes hosts a monthly contest, providing a theme, guidelines, pour parameters, and an instructional video for those unfamiliar with the month’s pour. There are…

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FAQ Friday: Ingredients, Glycerin and Subscription Box

ingredients, glycerin, and subscription box

FAQ Friday Ingredients, Glycerin, and Subscription Box Announcement How’s everyone’s week been? The Soap & Clay kidlets and I have been flying sans Mr. Soap & Clay this week while he’s living the road warrior life. Thanks for working so hard, hot husband. We appreciate the food and heat and stuff. While he’s been gone,…

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Artisan Soap: Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free…?

Soap Science: Gluten in Skincare Good morning, Sudsers! This week has zoomed by, right? I’ve been busy with holiday orders, activities with the Soap & Clay kidlets, and booth events. I’ve spent the past few weeks at vendor events around the greater Seattle area, and I loved mingling with members of the community, chatting about soap and skincare…

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Caring for Artisan Soap + Soap Scrap Ideas

Caring for Artisan Soap (and ways to reuse scraps) Wait, what? Caring for my soap? Don’t I just, you know, leave it? I know, it seems a bit nutty that I’d devote an entire blog post to soap care, but I would be remiss to ignore this important piece of handmade sudsing. Unlike commercial soaps,…

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FAQ Friday

FAQ Friday It’s Friday, Sudsers! I hope you have a ton of awesome activities planned for your weekend! Soap & Clay girl-child #1 is turning 3 on Sunday (where did the time go?), so our weekend will be full of celebratory activities, and cake. Lots of cake.  This week has been full of celebratory activities,…

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Look out, Interwebs – Soap & Clay is LIVE!


Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls, SUDSERS! I have an announcement to make. It’s a big one. You’re going to want to sit down for this. Maybe grab a coffee. Grab one for me, too. You ready? Soap & Clay has LAUNCHED!! The research has been done. The recipes have been meticulously crafted, tested, and…

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