FAQ Friday

FAQ Friday

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It’s Friday, Sudsers! I hope you have a ton of awesome activities planned for your weekend! Soap & Clay girl-child #1 is turning 3 on Sunday (where did the time go?), so our weekend will be full of celebratory activities, and cake. Lots of cake.  This week has been full of celebratory activities, too, just not of the birthday variety. We’ve had a great launch week and I have LOVED all of the communication I’ve received from you. One of my favorite parts about the soaping world is assisting others in finding their perfect skincare products. I’ve been over the MOON excited to answer Sudser questions this week, and I thought that it would be nice to post said questions (and answers!) on the interwebs for the benefit of others. So without further ado, I present to you the first installment of FAQ Friday!

FAQ Friday

Question #1: Sensitive skin concerns

I have very sensitive skin. I break out easily and find most products irritate my skin. Can you recommend a bar that is gentle enough for everyday use that won’t leave me itchy or red?
Answer: I get the sensitive skin concern, most definitely. There is nothing worse than trying a new product only to find it causes inflammation, dries your skin, or even worse – makes you break out! Really, most Sudsers should notice a marked improvement in their overall skin health from using any of Soap & Clay’s products, mainly because our soaps don’t contain synthetic fillers, harsh detergents, or pore clogging preservatives you’d find in commercial soaps. That said, our BetaSudsers spent months testing products, and these five seem to yield the best results for super sensitive skin. The Black & Tan, C’mon Get Happy, and the Raspberry Stout all contain colloidal oatmeal, which is a great skin protectant that reduces inflammation. The Lavender Bar and The Liz Lemon also contain colloidal oatmeal but have the added benefit of lavender, which has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties. Any of these bars would be great on sensitive skin; the C’mon Get Happy is a local (PNW, whaddup?) bestseller for its skin calming properties. Let me know which one you like the best!

FAQ Friday

THAT is a field of MAGIC!

Question #2: Exfoliation

I’m interested in purchasing your soaps, but I really love the exfoliation I get from my body wash and scrubs. Do you have a product that would compare?
Answer: Do I ever! I’m more than somewhat addicted to exfoliation products, so I’ve got a ton of exfoliant options in my line. I’m currently loving pumice powder, which is a super fine (but super effective) exfoliant that is gentle enough to use on the face. If you’re looking to replace your body wash and scrubs specifically, I’d recommend checking out our whipped sugar soaps. Sugar is an amazing exfoliant, and our whipped soap is light and fluffy and a perfect replacement product for the body wash purists. They also smell good enough to eat, which is a big bonus in my book. Just don’t eat it.

Question #3: Shipping Information

I’ve placed my order. When can I expect it to arrive?
Answer: Thanks for placing an order! *happy dance* As for shipping, Soap & Clay guarantees all in-stock items will be shipped within 72 hours of order acceptance. We currently ship Priority USPS, so you should expect to see it within 3 days of shipment notification. For more information on our shipping policies, as well as the rest of our policies, check out our About page and navigate from there!

Well Sudsers, that’s all from me today. Don’t forget: our Buy 3, Get 1 Free sale is in full swing until November 30th. Deals!

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