Shave Croap – Men’s Whipped Shavers

Shave Croap – Men’s Whipped Shavers



Handmade in Washington


Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

Always Cruelty Free

Shave Croap: How the Cool Guys De-Fuzz

No matter the advancements in electric blade technology, wet shaving remains the gold standard. Wet shaving minimizes irritation, promotes skin turnover, and yields a closer shave. And when it comes to wet shaving, not just any soap will do. Commercial body bars leave the face feeling dry, leading to irritation. Artisan body soaps, designed to lock in moisture while effectively cleaning and restoring skin’s pH, often lack the lathering power needed to shave. Shaving cream is thick and has scads of cushion, but often dries out the skin and clogs the razor. The struggle to find the perfect shave soap is real.

To assist the wet shavers of the world, Soap & Clay has created a line of men’s shaving croaps that have excellent lather, amazing cushion, great slip and powerful debris removers. Combining the processes of creating a shaving cream and a triple-milled solid shaver, our shave soap delivers the best from both while eliminating the worst. This hot process-to-milled technique results in a soap that is dense and long lasting with a creamy lather, excellent slip, and enough air whipped into it to provide great cushion. This is all delivered without clogging pores or razors and contains no harsh ingredients or chemicals that can lead to skin irritation.


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