Use Soap. Help a Kidlet. Be Happy.

Red Hook’s Moonlight Cinema, Adilene’s Army, and BOWIE!

Hey there Sudsers, how’s your week going? The Soap & Clay family has been busy with mostly work and very little play in preparation for a show at Red Hook Brewery’s Moonlight Cinema, where we will be slinging soap while jamming out to some great Bowie tunes and watching Labyrinth in the open air. Food trucks, Oddmall’s always impressive merchant circle, beer, and a Bowie Tribute – what’s not to love? I have a new line of beer soaps made from Red Hook’s brews that I can’t wait to release. moonlight cinema at redhook

We also spent a lot of time at Freighthouse Station in Tacoma, working on the build-out for Soap & Clay’s very first retail location! As a result, we all ended up covered in all manner of construction grime, which the Soap & Clay kids loved. Me? Not so much. I make soap for a living; it is to be assumed that I don’t like being dirty. So at the end of each day, I definitely needed a bath. And a shower. And a rub with a scrub in between. I didn’t really have time for all of that, though, so I needed a soap that would work hard to purge my pores of all impurities while locking in moisture. That soap? C’mon Get Happy! Look for more information (and a coupon code) for this hard working soap in Sunday’s Soap Case!

Use Soap. Help a Kidlet. Be Happy.

Adilene’s Army 5K Fundraiser

use soap help Adilene's Army FundraiserNow for some serious stuff. I want to talk about something even more important than events and shop news. This little girl? Is Adilene. She’s two. And has ALL. She’s been undergoing chemotherapy treatments since she was diagnosed in December. Those two smiley grownups? Are her parents, Jessica and Fred Korpi. Their ability to remain positive and upbeat while living every parent’s worst nightmare is inspiringAnd that cute little dude in the duck towel? Is her bright and energetic big brother Blaiden, who loves his little sister fiercely.

When I learned of Adilene’s diagnosis, I felt like I wanted to help this family in some way. I know I’m not alone in that feeling; most people experience this when confronted with a problem that they can’t fix. Jessica’s family felt the same way, so her cousins Kella and Chera organized a 5k Fundraiser to assist with medical expenses. This event will be held on August 13th in Sanford, Colorado. While I can’t be there for the event (kind of a trek from the PNW), I can help by donating a portion of my sales. So that’s what I’m doing. From now through August 1, 2016, 25% of all Soap & Clay sales will be donated to Adilene’s Army 5K Run/Walk. 

Shop. Help. Be Awesome.

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