Sunday Soap Case: Wicked Fun Soap for Wicked Awesome Kids

Bubble Baubles:

Fun Soap + Clean Kids = Happy Parents!

It’s Sunday, which means another Game of Thrones episode, work tomorrow, and this week’s Soap Case. On the agenda today: Bubble Baubles! Read on for more information about a new twist on an old Soap & Clay product.

Where have all the prizes gone?

I’ve noticed a trend in kids products lately. Well, maybe it’s not a new trend; I am a mother of monsters children under four, so my reintroduction into the world of tiny humans is fairly recent. But I seem to remember a lot more toy prizes when I was growing up. Bought a box of Cheerios, got a mini-terrarium. Bought a mystery novel, got a secret decoder ring. Bought a box of Cracker-Jack, got some 3D glasses. I just don’t see this anymore! We go through a lot of cereal in this house, and I can count on one hand the number of times General Mills felt the need to hook me up with some swag for choking down a bowl of Wheat Chex.

I have to download an app, and then give my child control of my iPhone?

I have to download an app, and then give my child control of my iPhone? Umm…no.

Even Cracker Jack, which you only purchase for the toy because the popcorn tastes like stale garbage, has moved from prizes to digital codes (which my children proceed to shred into a thousand pieces and call confetti).

What gives? It’s not like kids don’t appreciate the thrill of the unknown that comes along with toy prizes anymore; surprise eggs, blind bags, and Kinder eggs show that in spades. Just last week my three year old was walking beside me in the grocery store, examining a pack of socks while pondering “I wonder what’s inside? Maybe a new Slime-ball!” Kids LOVE surprises, even in socks.

Side note: if this soap thing doesn’t work out, I am going to let her start her own YouTube channel devoted to opening up random bags o’ stuff. She’ll make a killing.

Grown-up merchandise often comes with prizes – you can buy a freaking candle with a freaking ring inside of it, for crying out loud. So in an effort to put an end to the anti-prize madness, I decided to take a suggestion from my coolest Mini-Sudser of the male variety (my awesome nephew Liam) and play with embedding toys into soaps from the Soap & Clay Kids line.

The Goal: Fun Soap (obvs)

These orbs have been a site offering since I started the company, and they’ve been fairly popular. I did have a few problems with them, soap

One: the name. These brightly colored beauties started out as Super Soapy Bouncy Balls, which of course confused customers. Do they bounce? I played around with wrapping the soaps in rubber so they would bounce, but it was a phenomenal pain, not very eco-friendly, and had the potential to anger a boatload of parents after their kids hurl them through a wall in an attempt to make them bounce across the room. I had a difficult time renaming them; they went to Soapcraft: the Minecraft Edition for a bit, but selling orbs for a cube game didn’t make much sense.

Problemo Numero Dos: they’re just round soaps. I mean, the soap itself is GREAT. It’s lather-riffic, smells amazing, and has a tub-load (a little soapy humor) of glycerin. Glycerin soap is great for young skin – it keeps the skin moisturized, smooth, and germ-free. But all of my soap does that, so what makes this kid-specific product any different than the rest of my lines?

The Solution

bubblebaublestapedispToys. Because, toys. Each orb is now filled with an adorable collectible – consider it a prize at the end of a successful soaping regimen. Each soapy ball is roughly 2 ounces and will last a few weeks in the bath or shower – it can last several months as a hand washer at the sink! Each time your kiddos use it, they will get a bit closer to their prize. Kinda like a Tootsie Pop, but without the cavities. The toys run the gamut of all things fun and weird – from animals to footballs to miniature play food and superheroes – there’s a lot of  variety. And, as always, the soap itself is bubbly and ultra cleansing and is scented with Soap & Clay’s signature Soda Pop Shoppe line. Great soap, fun toys – what more could you ask for?

And to celebrate the new addition to the line, I’m giving them away! Enter coupon code SOAPYBALLS with your next order to receive a free set of Bubble Baubles. Offer good through Sunday, June 19th.

Soapy balls. I am a child. And I’m basically fine with that.

Happy Sudsing!

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