Sunday Soap Case: Sweet Eats and Sweet Treats

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice…

Well, Sunday came and went. I cleaned my house, designed 8 new bars (squeeeeeee!) for the fall and winter lines, folded my laundry, hung out with my kids, worked on the shop, and arranged the Soap & Clay schedule for the week. But I missed one thing. Sunday Soap Case! In my defense, I didn’t really miss it; my computer decided to go on strike last week so I’ve been limping along on my phone. So you’re getting Sunday Soap Case on Monday. Night. If I remember to publish it.

This week’s Soap Case features two very talented bakers and includes a sweet offer from Mrs. Soap & Clay. Read on, follow pages, help small business owners, and take advantage of Mrs. Soap & Clay’s love of freebies. Ready? Let’s get to it!

LA Waffletz

best macarons in seattle

Photo Courtesy of Adorned Abode. Another amazing small business. More on her later.

The food service at Freighthouse Station is nothing short of amazing. I have been spending more time at Freighthouse than at home of late, so I’ve had an opportunity to sample it all. One of my personal favorites has to be the delicious bakes they serve up at La Waffletz. While their menu includes an admirable selection of waffles topped with all manner of yummy goodness, the best part of their offerings is by far their macarons. Having spent the entirety of 2012 obsessed with macarons (the making of them, the finding of them, the eating of them), I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur. And the macarons at La Waffletz do not disappoint! Their delicate outer shell has a slight crunch, the middle is the perfect level of chewy, and the fillings are creamy and sweet – these macarons are perfectly balanced and simply delightful. The Soap & Clay kidlets and I stop by every week for a little almond cookie indulgence, and I suggest you do the same. Order one. Dozen. And then another few. Dozen. To take home. For your Netflix night. Because they’re that good.


Chocolate Covered Raindrops

I first met Lindsey, the owner of Chocolate Covered Raindrops, at a Momtrepreneur event earlier this year. I believe it was her first show, and she definitely brought her A-game. Her display was totes adorb and her bakes were beautiful. From the billowy frosting and moist sponge to the thoughtful flavor combinations, Lindsey makes a damn good cupcake. So good, in fact, that I asked her to make me some for Soap & Clay’s soft open last week. I have no picture of those (because they were devoured immediately and I failed to plan for that), so instead I stole some pictures from Chocolate Covered Raindrops’ Facebook page for you to admire.

how to make cupcakes

I have no idea what this is. But I want it.

chocolate covered raindrops


As if her bakes didn’t win me over, Lindsey is a fellow lover of DEALS. Her September specials are as follows:

  • 8 scones (a full 10 inch round) for $25
  • Cupcake Flavors of the Month: pumpkin with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and apple pie, one dozen standard $35.

Now that’s a lot of deliciousness for a teeny tiny price. Follow the link, like her page, and keep her in mind for your next birthday, anniversary, bachelorette party, or for your next Tuesday at home.

Bath Bomb Cupcakes – Fancy Bath Plus

cupcake bath bomb tutorialI’m sure you can tell by now that I am in love with all baked goods. It’s one of my very favorite addictions. I am not so much with the baking of said baked goods, though (thankfully businesses like La Waffletz and Chocolate Covered Raindrops exist), so I have to stick to what I know, and I know soap. My bath bomb cupcakes came to life one evening after seeing the look of disappointment on the Soap & Clay kidlets’ faces when I presented them with yet another batch of dry cupcakes and weepy frosting.

Now I see the looks of disappointment, but mostly because I made them – yet again – something they can’t eat.

The bath bomb cupcakes have gone through a number of iterations over the past few months. While the bottom bit has always been a bath bomb, the tops have changed. They started out with an actual royal frosting. Which was pretty, but not exactly useful in the tub. I then moved to a whipped soap frosting made from the same cream base I use for my whipped sugar soaps. These have done very well, but I am currently playing with a bubble bath frosting for the holiday line.

cupcake bath bombs

Personally, I love bubble bath, so I’m thinking I may be on to something, here. Send me a message and let me know if you agree. Or disagree, really. But either way, use this week’s Soap Case coupon code and you can get a cupcake (of the bath bomb variety) on me!

Use coupon code NOBAKECUPCAKES for a free bath bomb cupcake. Offer expires 8/29/2016. Which is a Monday. Since I’m lame and didn’t get the Soap Case out on time.

Happy Sudsing!


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