Sunday Soap Case: Catch a Pokemon…in Your Tub.

Greetings and salutations, Sudsers! Hope your weekend was extra-special-awesome, because I have an extra-special-awesome blog post to get you ready for the week ahead.

I’d like to think that my writing skills have the ability to do that. If you disagree, click here.

Anyway, we’re kicking off the Soap Case with a final look at Karter Designs before she leaves the Maker of the Month table. It has been awesome getting to talk to customers about Katy and her business this month. She has a great product line and a refreshing approach to business development, so it’s going to be tough to see her go. After Katy, we’ll finish up with some totes adorb bath bombs that I’ve added to the line. Ready?

Karter Designs

maker of the month

Image courtesy of Karter Designs.

Katy Haymore, owner/creator/designer/financier/CEO of Karter Designs (she wears a lot of hats), is a PNW mom of two young boy-children. So she’s busy. And probably spends more time cleaning than she’d like. She shared a story with me recently about her boys that made me giggle, so I’m going to share it with you. Because giggling is fun. If you disagree, click this link.


“Have you ever just looked at your kid and wondered, “How? Just how in the hell did you get into a mess like that?” Well I say that to myself pretty much every day. I am a #boymom through and through, with two littles who always keep me on my toes! My big kid is 2 ½ and let me tell you, the “terrible two’s” are no joke! Although I’ve heard it gets nothing but worse from where were at (#fml). And my 8 month old? He is so wild he literally makes monkeys in the zoo look like relatives. All day long he’s up, he’s crawling into different rooms, he’s climbing, and he’s into something every time I turn around. How do they have all that energy!??

karter designs

So yesterday my big kid asks for a snack and he chooses the little Nutella ready-to-go packs (whoever invented this is AMAZING, btw). Being an awesome mom that cares about balancing nutrition, I ask him to sit on the couch with his snack while I grab him a sippy cup of milk. When I return, he’s not there. Recap: I was gone maybe 10 seconds; just long enough to fill a sippy. I walk into his room, not there. I look in the bathroom, not there. I walk into my bedroom, and THERE. HE IS. Hands covered in Nutella. Face covered in Nutella. How is there this much Nutella in that little to-go pack??? And the piece de resistance? My pillow and comforter (my pillow, btw. Not dad’s), covered in Nutella. W.T.F.”

With rambunctious boys like that, I don’t know how she manages to crank out new designs at a record pace! But she does; she’s a machine. It has been such an honor to work with her this month and I look forward to more business adventures together in the very near future. And while she is leaving our maker table for now (sad face), her pieces are always available at her shop! Check it out!

If you decide to pick up a little something from Karter Designs, send me a screenshot of the confirmation and I will send YOU a coupon code for an additional 20% off of Soap & Clay’s site. Because double deals are cool. If you disagree, click here.

Poke-bombs FTW!

pokebombs bath bomb pokemon collectible insideSo I’m a little late to the party with this post. I actually started making these poke-bombs several months ago and have been selling them at booth events and at the shop in Freighthouse Station. I haven’t put them on the website, though, because I have had a hard time keeping them in stock.  I know, I know – I suck. If you disagree, click the link.


There are hundreds of Pokemon; no two bombs are the same!

Anyway, Poke-bombs are pretty self explanatory. They’re bath bombs themed around six different Poke Balls from the Pokemon world. They are the same size as the old version of my Mondo Bath Bombs – smaller than the new and improved giant bath bombs but bigger than the kid’s bombs. Lots of fizzy bath time fun.

But wait, there’s more! Tucked inside each Poke-bomb is a collectible Pokemon character! Cool, yeah? I think I’ve finally finished the back orders for these bath bombs, but I still don’t have them on the site. Because I suck. See above. BUT…I have no problem giving them away as a thank you for putting up with my suckiness!

Enter POKEBOMBSFTW in the notes of your next order and I will send you a Poke-bomb on the house! Remember, put it in the order notes; this is not a coupon code. My super helpful web designer informed me that I can’t create a coupon code for something that doesn’t exist, so if I want to use codes I have to stop sucking and catch up with my site maintenance. Noted. I’ll work on it. Maybe.

Happy Sudsing!

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