• Soap Sampler Packs – The Botanical Collection


    Soap Sampler Packs

    So much soap, so little skin. This sampler pack is perfect for the Sudsers interested in trying all of Mrs. Soap & Clay’s soap blends. 

    What it is: this soap sampler pack contains 12 guest size bars, perfect for hand washing at the sink or for testing out soap blends to determine your favorite. The Botanical Collection contains all the magic of all things green and lush and wonderful about the world in which we live. Infused with clays, aloe, spirulina – each type is a new type of awesome!

    Included in the Botanical Collection:

    • Carrot + Verbena
    • Beer + Red Clay
    • Spirulina + Ylang Ylang
    • Aloe + Shikakai
    • Fullers Earth + Lavender
    • Activated Charcoal + Orange