Sunday Soapcase: Cupcake Bath Bombs!

Foam + Fizzle = Awesome

SUDSERS! It’s Sunday and rainy in the PNW. No surprise there; our fall doesn’t exactly consist of crunching leaves and chilly weather up here. The rains return and we retreat into our shells to prepare for several months of dreary gray weather. I grew up in Colorado, and winters were super cold but also filled with sunshine and therefore people were less likely to stay indoors. Up here, it feels like our population quadruples on a sunny day because everyone emerges from their hidey holes.

I’m ready to hit my hidey hole today (I have a video game and a crackling fire calling my name), but before I do that I will definitely be taking a bath. The cool thing about fall is that whether it’s rainy or snowy where you live, it’s definitely bath season. For those of you experiencing sunshine and warmth year round, I don’t know how to talk to you.  Sometimes I hate deciding between a bath bomb and a bubble bath, so on those days I turn to the cupcake bath bombs, which do both! Since I will be enjoying a cupcake bath bomb this afternoon, I thought it was a good day to discuss these little fizzy beauties, their many iterations, and why I love them so very hard.

Cupcake Bath Bombs

I’m pretty obsessed with food. Baked goods. Pretty little delights that smell and taste amazing. Two problems with this obsession: I don’t know how to bake, and if I ate every beautiful little pastry that I saw throughout my day I would die. It’s mostly the baking thing that’s the problem, though; you should see the awful creations I’ve made for my kids. I can make soap and soap related products, though, so this is where I really get to scratch my pretty food stuff itch.


Valentine’s Day Kits…two years ago?

When I first started making the cupcake bath bombs, they had a bath bomb bottom and a mostly decorative top. Sure it dissolved in water and softened the skin, but it was really just for looks.

Christmas of 2016??

Next I tried a whipped soap top. The whipped soap cleanses and floats, which is cool. It’s a bit tough to make and pipe, though, which made me drag my feet like you would not believe when it was time to restock. I still use the whipped soap now and then (check the basic bitch bath bomb post on Instagram), but I really wanted to do something other than soap for a bath bomb. Because I make a lot of soap.

So I started playing with bubble bath options as the whipped top. Those have gone through a few iterations as well, because piping something that hardens almost completely is a little tricky and took a lot of time to get the recipe right. After a bunch of tweaks, I am finally happy with the volume of bubbles and ease of piping.

Just kidding. I’m never happy.


cupcake bath bombs

We settled on six scent options for the 2018 line –  Raspberry Pie, Bamboo Grapefruit, Green Tea, Coconut Cream, Melon, and Sugared Lemon. I don’t think there’s a bad one in the bunch, although the raspberry and coconut have easily been the best sellers in the line.

If you haven’t tried a cupcake bath bomb recently, you’re in luck because I’m giving you one for free! If you have tried them this year and love them, you’re also in luck because you get a cupcake too. Use coupon code THECAKEISREAL to score a bath bomb on me.*

That’s it for me today, Sudsers! Have a great afternoon!

Happy Sudsing!

*Coupon code expires 9/22/2018

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