Sunday Soap Case: Like a (soap) Duck to (bath) Water

Rubber Ducky, You’re the One…

Happy Sunday! The Soap & Clay family spent the weekend at the Momtrepreneurs Event at Tacoma Freighthouse Square, and we had a grand time. I really enjoy booth events because I have the opportunity to hang out with the locals that come out to support our little businesses. I also love getting to catch up with my fellow makers on the circuit and see what new creations they’ve come up with since I’ve seen them last.Admit it - you want it all.

I mean, wow!

I mean, wow!

A number of my faves were in attendance, including Chris from Country Home Furnishings, whose repurposed and refurbished pieces never miss the mark. His attention to detail is exquisite, his prices are fabulous, and his setup is always on point (and all for sale!).





Also in attendance was the lovely Brittany Jurgens, a Direct Sales pro who has recently taken the plunge into the artisan world. Her new business, Mama’s Chalk Shop, centers around adorable, custom made chalk signs. Her prices are great, her items are beautiful, and she can custom make anything you could possibly want on a chalk sign. I’ve already commissioned a few pieces from her for my booth signs, and she took my high-maintenance custom needs in stride. She launched her website the day before the event, which is pretty impressive in and of itself! Head on over to her page and give her some love!

For my part, I said goodbye to a few old product lines (I’ll miss you, Game of Soaps!) and added some new ones to the lineup for this event. I will be working on getting said new products on the site this week, starting with the topic of today’s post, Rubber Ducky, You’re the One! Read on for more information, then make sure to head over to the site and get yours!

Rubber Ducks + Awesome Soap = The NEW Ultimate in Bathtime Fun!


tarts solo


In the Soap & Clay Kids Line we have bath bombs, which are awesome. We have soapy balls Bubble Baubles, which are also awesome. We have Lego Soaps – again, awesome. And then we have…Soap Tarts. Which are okay – they smell nice, they effectively cleanse skin without drying out our precious littles, and they’re gentle enough to be used on the mini-est of minis. But they’re kinda boring.



When the Soap & Clay girl-children were helping me choose toys to put into a batch of Bubble Baubles, my 3 year old was drawn to a giant box-o’-rubber ducks. She’s an obsessive collector of all things (stickers, blind bags, rocks, random scraps of paper), so I braced myself for the mommy can I please have a bajillion rubber ducks query. Instead of asking for herself, however, she surprised me. Kids do that. She thought rubber ducks would be a pretty great addition to S&C Kids, and I agreed. Abandoning our mini-fig search, I grabbed the box and we giddily began planning our next adventure in soaping.

The Soapy Specs

Peppa the Owl-Duck.

The shape of the Soap-Tarts was a great starting point; they were already the perfect size for smaller hands. The formulation of the Soap-Tarts was also great; this recipe was designed to be mild enough to use on newborns but effective enough to ensure an easy clean every time. So I made a batch and cut the discs thicker than the original to support the ducks and ensure longer tub life. I then used the cream soap I usually reserve for my cupcake bath bomb tops and piped the ducks into place. The result? The cutest soaps I’ve ever seen!

For FREE?!?!

These soaps are perfect for tub time, make great gifts, and have become my most requested baby shower and birthday party favor items. The girls had a ton of fun selecting the perfect ducks to put on each disc, and while they were helping they named each and every one. They’re very excited to see No-Beard, Peppa, Cuppie and the rest of the gang go to their new homes, so I’m giving them away for a week! Enter coupon code GOTANYGRAPES at checkout to get a free duck soap of your very own. Coupon code expires Sunday, July 17th 2016.

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