FAQ Friday: Clays, Face Soaps, and Product Creation

FAQ Friday

Good morning, Sudsers! It’s Friday again – we’ve survived another workweek! As always, I hope you have something awesome planned for the weekend, even if that something awesome is playing video games in your PJs for two straight days. I understand; Fallout 4 is calling my name, too. Before you head off on adventures, check out this week’s FAQ Friday and see if your questions made the list!

I’ve received a ton of questions this week from Sudsers and booth visitors, so we’ll jump right in after a few reminders. First, I’ve extended the Gift Box sale through December 16th, so if you’re looking for a unique and useful gift idea outside of the Big Box, check them out. Also, Free Shipping continues on all orders through December 16th. Now, on to this week’s most frequently asked questions!

FAQ Friday

The “Clay” in Soap & Clay

The “Soap” bit I get. Where does the “Clay” come in?
Answer: Well, the “clay” represents, for now, the ingredients used in my soap recipes. I use clays – primarily Kaolin and Bentonite – in each and every batch of soap. Clays have tons of amazing benefits in skincare, and as my goal with each and every recipe I formulate is healthier skin for every Sudser, clays are an excellent ingredient to incorporate. Cosmetic clays are great for detoxifying skin, cleansing, purifying, removing excess oils without drying the skin, as well as providing good slip for shaving soaps! I love the extra lather, cleaning abilities, and skin softeners that come from a bar of clay soap, so I have made these hardworking additives a staple in my soap recipes.  

Face Soaps: Best skincare for face

I have very sensitive skin and am worried about breakouts. Do you have a product designed for the face that won’t make me break out?
Answer: I understand the fear of new face products. I have struggled with acne for years and am always hesitant to try something new on my most sensitive feature. While all of Soap & Clay’s soaps are designed to be irritant free, I still get nervous using them on my face whenever it’s time to test a new product. I created the Face Paste and Face Polish for this reason. These soaps are face-specific, unscented, and are full of ingredients that will clarify, calm, soothe, and gently remove dead skin and debris without causing irritation. Activated charcoal shines in the Face Paste, and pumice powder takes the Face Polish to a new level of gentle debris removal. I can confidently recommend either (or both!) of these products for all skin types!

face soaps

Soap & Clay Product Creation

So…do you make all of this?
Answer: I do! Each and every product found at Soap & Clay’s website or at booth events are handcrafted by yours truly. Further, all of the products I create are thoroughly tested for pH, performance, lathering, cleansing, irritants, and moisturizing properties before being added to the line. This means that every bar from Soap & Clay is not only handcrafted with love, but is also pretty great for your skin. Pretty awesome, amirite?

That’s it for me today, Sudsers. Remember, if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions (or even praise!), please don’t hesitate to reach out. I can be contacted a number of ways, including the contact form on the website. I love hearing from Sudsers, so keep the questions coming!

Happy Sudsing!

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