FAQ Friday: Activated Charcoal, Bath Bombs, and Holiday Gift Boxes

Bath Bombs, Activated Charcoal, and Holiday Gift Sets

It’s Friday! Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! We’ve been busy getting ready for holiday booth events this week, which has meant very limited sleep and lots of coffee. Mmmm, coffee. Before getting to this week’s most frequently asked questions, I have a few housekeeping items. After that, we will talk about bath bombs, activated charcoal, and holiday gift sets. Excited? I am!

Whipped Soap Minis

  1. Whipped Soap Minis are back in stock!
    Whipped Soap Minis have been wildly popular lately, and I’ve had a tough time keeping them in stock. They’re back and ready to be shipped. First priority goes to all of the Sudsers that sent me a preorder message (thanks for doing that!), though, so quantities are limited. Head over the the site and claim yours today.
  2. Final Days for Buy 3 Get 1 Free and No Shave November
    Our Buy 3 Get 1 Free sale ends on November 30th, as does our Movember Foundation promotional event. Buy 3 Get 1 Free is a stellar deal that you don’t want to miss, and the Movember Foundation event supports a great cause (men’s health research and education). I’m looking forward to writing them a big fat check, so don’t miss out! For more information on the Movember Foundation and what they do, click here.

Now that we’ve handled that, on to the questions!

What are bath bombs?

I’ve seen pictures you’ve been posting on your Instagram and Facebook pages of bath bombs. What are they??
Answer: Bath bombs are amazing. The end. 

bath bombs

Simply amazing.

Ok, so maybe a bit more explanation is needed. Bath bombs are tightly packed balls of dry ingredients (mostly baking soda, citric acid, and epsom salts) that do some pretty fun stuff when they come in contact with water. When plopped into bath water, these porous balls (my favorite Sudser description of bath bombs to date) fizz, they float, they zoom and twirl before your very eyes. Amazing! As an added bonus, they also scent, soften and sometimes color the water, resulting in a fun bathtub experience that’s also pretty great for your skin. They basically take tub time to the next level.

What’s the deal with activated charcoal?

I recently received an order. One of the bars of soap had a tag that talked about the activated charcoal in the soap. What does activated charcoal DO?
Answer: Activated charcoal is pretty powerful, and one of my favorite ingredients. It’s long been used as a detox aid, to treat bug bites, as well as to whiten teeth! In soap, it acts as a magnet, pulling toxins, dirt, and contaminated oils from your skin. It’s great for detoxifying the skin and works wonders on acne. Be aware, however, that soaps containing activated charcoal will have grey lather. This is totally normal and the suds will become bubbly and white once the activated charcoal has done its job. Enjoy your newly detoxed skin!

Holiday Gift Sets

bath bomb

Not knowing what’s inside is killing you, isn’t it? I know.

I saw your post about holiday gift boxes! They aren’t online, though. What’s inside and how do I purchase them?
Answer: First off, thanks for following my posts! That makes me smile. Now, our holiday gift boxes are selling like hot cakes at local gift bazaars, so thanks to my local Sudsers! I will have the gift boxes up next week for the online crowd, just in time for Small Business Saturday. More information on the boxes in the days to come, but we do have a Man-scape Box, a Bomb Box, a Spa Box, and a Hello Lovely Box (for the lovely ladies) that will hit the site soon. SPOILER ALERT: They will be on sale AND part of November’s Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal, so it’s an excellent opportunity to get some unique, thoughtful and fun gifts for your nearest and dearest. And also for yourself.

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