10 Days of Thanks!

What’s up Sudsers? It’s hard to believe it, but we are coming up on the end of another fabulous year! Hopefully your 2018 has been amazing! This year has been a year of change for me, both on a professional and personal level. The shop has been remodeled a few times. Halfway through the year we took over the entire giant space on 6th Ave, expanded our class offerings, and have created tubloads of new products (shampoo bars, lotions, the HP line are but a few examples of this). I’ve met some amazing people through the shop and classes and am proud to call them my friends. I took up the position of events coordinator for 6th Ave, and that has been an interesting ride.

Mr. Soap & Clay took a position at a new firm and has been traveling 100% of the time, which has been a bit of an adjustment. He spends his weekends hanging out with the girls, building stuff for the shop, and working on my new website (SQUEE!!!!) while I’m running the classes and making the soapy things at the shop. Soap & Clay kidlet #1 started Kindergarten. Soap & Clay kidlet #2 and I have been able to have one on one time as a result, which has been lots of fun. We miss the older girl-child, but we’ve adjusted our routines. I joined the PTA. I was nominated to my HOA board. I have stopped sleeping because there’s just not enough time in the day for that nonsense.

In short, this year has been busy.

And your year has been busy, too.

And so we’re gonna do 10 Days of Thanks! Because I’m thankful for you and your busy life and that in that busy life you find a bit of time to check in on me and mine now and then. And without that, my little soapy journey wouldn’t be nearly as fun. Should you be new, or in case you’ve forgotten, every year on Soap & Clay’s anniversary I have a bit of celebration. In the past, I have given away ten of ten different items for ten days in a row. So Day One would be ten beard kits, Day Two is ten bath bomb kits, etc. This year, I’m changing it up a bit. There are a number of reasons for the switch, but the biggest is that the Sudsers have expressed frustration with the previous system – with a coupon code that is limited to only ten freebies each day, it made it hard to get on the site (because work and school and kids and life) before all the items were gone. Which I get. Also, we have lots more Preferred Sudsers than we used to have, so the possibility of getting a freebie is reduced.

So here’s what we’re doing this year. For ten days, there will be ten items on sale for 50% off. There is no limit to the number of items – as long as the stock holds, the deal continues. This allows everyone to get an awesome deal without having to watch the Facebook page like a hawk for the coupon code to drop so you can scramble to get the deal before someone else does. That would give me anxiety, and I’m not in the business of making anyone’s life difficult. So starting tomorrow, items below will be 50% off during the days listed. If you’d like to participate in the fun for multiple days, send me a message in the order notes and I will refund shipping for all orders following the first one (remember, all orders over $75 ship free) and box them together.

Are you ready to find out what deals we will be having for the next ten days? Me too!







Days 1-3 (November 13-15th)

bristled bloke men's grooming beard







Days 4-6 (November 16-18th)

pokemon gift boxmud masks







Days 7-9 (November 19-21st)


Day 10 (November 22nd)

12 Months of Soap

Sale starts tomorrow morning and will go through November 22nd. No coupon code is needed and this deal stacks with every other sale and coupon code you may have, so stock up on your faves! Thank you for all of your support, Sudsers! You mean the world to me. I’ll see you tomorrow for some epic sales!

Happy Sudsing!



  1. Cathy Cooper on November 16, 2021 at 8:14 pm

    I love watching your videos and learning new techniques. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. dsauln1933 on November 18, 2021 at 2:27 am

    Love the collection

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