Soap & Clay the Lavish Way – Membership Box

membership box

Lavish Bath Box Meets Soap & Clay So membership boxes? Insanely popular right now. From clothing to baking kits, there’s not much you can’t get delivered to your door on a monthly basis. The concept is simple and appeals to people from all walks of life. For the super busy super humans that don’t have…

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Caring for Artisan Soap + Soap Scrap Ideas

Caring for Artisan Soap (and ways to reuse scraps) Wait, what? Caring for my soap? Don’t I just, you know, leave it? I know, it seems a bit nutty that I’d devote an entire blog post to soap care, but I would be remiss to ignore this important piece of handmade sudsing. Unlike commercial soaps,…

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Look out, Interwebs – Soap & Clay is LIVE!


Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls, SUDSERS! I have an announcement to make. It’s a big one. You’re going to want to sit down for this. Maybe grab a coffee. Grab one for me, too. You ready? Soap & Clay has LAUNCHED!! The research has been done. The recipes have been meticulously crafted, tested, and…

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