Bath & Shower

  • Smash Bomb


    Cedar + Lavender

    It’s sexy. But I already named a bomb a variation of “sexy” this month. So there it is.

    Bloom Details: This is a medium speed fizzer with great foam. Pink and green bloom, lightly colored water.

    Extra Cool Stuff: Epsom salts in this one to detoxify the senses and ease your aches and pains.

  • Rubber Ducky, You’re the One…


    Sudsy, soapy, squeaky-clean fun! See item description below and snag your duck soaps today!


  • Shower Steamers


    Menthol + Eucalyptus

    Menthol & Eucalyptus shower steamers will tackle the toughest cold. Save your sick days for when you’re not actually sick.

    See full product description below.

  • Conditioner – Curl


    Argan + Shea

    Conditioner Bars – your hair will thank you.

    Seriously, though. These new conditioner bars are awesome.

    • Curl – Argan & Shea. Deep conditioning without residue. Defines and hydrates curls and controls frizz
  • Conditioner – Quench


    Ginger Lime 

    Conditioner Bars – your hair will thank you.

    Seriously, though. These new conditioner bars are awesome.

    • Quench – Ginger Lime. Nourishes, protects and heals dry and damaged hair.

    Net Wt 2.5oz

  • Loofah Bastille Soaps | Make Bath Time Fun!


    Bastille Soaps – Kid’s Loofah

    These soaps are perfect for the mini-sudser in your life! Made with 70% olive oil, these Bastille soaps are the solid version of a Castile soap you may be familiar with. Soaps high in olive oil are great for sensitive skin and issues that may arise from that; olive oil provides a gentle cleanse without irritation. This recipe also contains some super bubbly oils to up the lather without drying out the skin. Winning all around, really.

    The cherry on top of these awesome soaps? The body pouf/washcloth embedded in the top. Kiddos will love using this soap, and will have their very own loofah for future baths when it’s gone!

    This soap was featured on Soap & Clay’s 365 Days of Soap – check the video for the creation process!

  • Shampoo Bars – Type One


    Type 1 – Rosemary Mint – Oil and Dandruff

    This bar is ideal for  oily scalp and/or hair and/or one that suffers from dandruff. And yes, you can have both! This shampoo cleanses, removes impurities, and balances the pH of the scalp to help future flareups. This is done with lots of fancy things, like hempseed oil, nettle, and neem oil’s favorite cousin, karanja oil.

  • Shampoo Bars – Type Three


    Type 3 – Grapefruit Rose – Dry & Textured

    Start your deep conditioning with your shampoo! Made with carrot and jojoba oil, this bar tames frizz, controls flyaways, and keeps curls perfect and bouncy! Mrs. Soap & Clay’s kidlet and Soaprentices (all curly-haired beauties) swear by this shampoo bar.

  • Shampoo Bars – Type Two


    Type 2 – Lemon Wintergreen – Shine and Purify

    Made with aloe and kaolin clay, this shampoo bar is designed to remove build up on the hair and promote healthy, shiny hair. Great for all hair types, this bar will keep hair nourished and moisturized without weighing it down.

  • The Bomb Box


    Sudser Requested, Mrs Soap & Clay Approved.

    The Bomb Box is probably one of my favorite new product lines. This is because EVERY MONTH there will be six brand new, never been made, will never make again, foamy, fizzy, awesome full sized bath bombs available for you to purchase in one handy set. At a discounted price! This is super awesome because I KNOW how many Sudsers are into the Self Care life, and bath bombs are a huge part of it!
    Every month the bombs will change, so keep an eye out and grab the Bomb Box while you can! Full details for this month’s bath bombs below!

    In an effort to keep our eco footprint as small as possible, all packaging is made with recycled materials and/or is biodegradable. The bath bomb is wrapped in a natural muslin cloth and is tied with a hair elastic, because we all know how annoying it is to be ready for a bath only to realize you forgot your hair tie.

  • Batharons – Bath Melts


    Spring Scents
    White Jasmine + Mint, French Lime Blossom, Pink Sugar, Lavender + Sage

    Mrs. Soap & Clay’s food obsession has hit new heights with these totes adorb bath cookies! Good for two uses, these bath melts dissolve in the tub and release butters, oils, and delightful aromas that will calm the mind and soothe the body.

    These macaron bath melts are available in four scent varieties each season. Changes frequently!

  • Calm Bomb


    Lavender Mint
    These mondo bombs are the faves of our OG Sudsers – while our bath bomb line changes all the time, this one is always in rotation. Scented with lavender, mint, and containing lavender buds for the ultimate in soaking self care.

  • Scout Bomb


    Peach Cherry Blossom
    These mondo bombs are the faves of our OG Sudsers – while our bath bomb line changes all the time, this one is always in rotation. Scented with sweet peach and floral cherry blossom. Gorgeous bloom on this one!

  • Smexy Bomb


    Amber + Lavender

    THE Sexy Bomb. But it felt weird to type that on a label, so I put Smexy instead.

    Bloom Details: This is a fast fizzer with minimal foam. Blue and red bloom, red water.

    Extra Cool Stuff: smells AHHHHHMAZING and has loads of moisturizing oils. Win/win/win/win.

  • Mystery Bar – Adventure Time


    Scratch & Dent Soaps

    Awesome soap + awesome price + the thrill of the unknown = Mystery Bar!

    See full description below.

  • Sugar Scrub – Amber & Cocoa


    Made with a delightfully bubbly whipped soap and lots of sugar, these whipped sugar soap scrubs are perfect exfoliators suitable for total body use. Scents change often – stock up on your faves before they’re gone!

    Net Wt 8oz