Lotion Bars – Avocado + Mango Mini

Lotion Bars – Avocado + Mango Mini


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What it is:

Lotion bars are a lot like body butters. Like body butters, they are a blend of organic butters and oils. Like body butters, they moisturize and repair dry or damaged skin. Here’s where they differ: lotion bars are in solid form and they do not leave a greasy or sticky residue behind.  The ultimate must-have for Sudsers on the go, the travel size lotion bars are great for gym bags, purses, or carry-ons.

Why it’s cool:

Well, dry skin is the worst. So something that repairs cracked, tight, or slightly flaky skin is pretty cool. Additional cool points for the formulation – the butters and oils in these lotion bars were selected to target skin dryness while penetrating deeply and delivering skin loving EFAs. Bonus cool points for the delivery – no worries about a bottle of lotion or a tub of body butter cracking and spilling in a bag with the travel tins.

Soap & Clay’s lotion bars come in three skin loving varieties – read on for more information and make your selection from the drop-down.

French Lime Blossom – Avocado + Mango Butter

Lotioning up has never been more enjoyable! This bright little beauty is made with avocado oil, mango butter, and smells of all things magical about the warmer days ahead.

A bit about a few of the oils and butters used in Soap & Clay’s solid lotion bars:

Avocado Butter and Oil: Super Fruit!
 Antioxidant rich, this fatty butter repairs fine lines and sun spots, helps with conditions such as psoriasis, brightens skin tone and does a pretty decent job of sun protection. Super fat, super fruit, super awesome!

Mango Butter

Mango butter is full of natural antioxidants and hydrates, tones, brightens, and repairs. Helps with skin conditions such as eczema. Smells good enough to eat. 

Shea Butter & Oil

Shea butter rocks. Found in many skin and hair conditioners for good reason – it’s versatile, vitamin rich, and This fatty butter is a powerhouse of nourishment. Suitable for all skin types, shea butter and oil helps with rosacea, dry skin, and helps the skin retain its natural moisture

Directions for use: Rub bar between hands or against skin. The heat from your body will soften the bar, allowing it to slide smoothly. Massage into skin as desired. Go be awesome.


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