Face Oils: Revive

Face Oils: Revive


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Face Oils – Radiant Beauty!

Face oils, while not new (they’ve been used for thousands of years!), have been making a comeback in recent years. This may feel counter-intuitive to you; we live in a culture that markets “oil-free” moisturizers like oil-free is a good thing. The opposite is true. Your skin needs the EFAs, vitamins, and antioxidants from oils for skin health as our body is incapable of producing these things. Typical face creams and lotions can not effectively deliver these skin essentials as they are heavily diluted with skin drying water. Furthermore, typical moisturizers are filled with chemicals and preservatives that irritate our skin, making our body work harder to fight off the foreign invaders.

Face oils deliver pure, organic, unaltered oils, botanicals, and essentials without chemicals, preservatives, or water dilution. These oils penetrate deep into the epidermis to promote cell regeneration and healing. These oils mimic the sebum your skin produces, causing your body to produce LESS oil in response (which means face oils are equally great for the oily skinned among us). These oil blends not only mimic sebum but also purge pores, promote collagen production, repair scars, and penetrate deeply to reduce wrinkles and smooth rough and uneven skin texture. They are, in a word, awesome.

Directions for use: twice daily, apply 5-15 drops to freshly cleansed skin. Massage in circular motions until absorbed. Can be used alone or under makeup – makes an excellent primer! Each .5 oz vial will last up to 6 weeks. Designed to be used with Soap & Clay’s Face Paste & Polish and Mask+Scrub combo systems.

Soap & Clay’s face oils are specially formulated to target three primary areas in skin health: acne, aging, and the ever-complicated combination skin. 


Perfect for all skin types, this face oil was specially formulated to stablize skin’s oil production and smooth skin texture. 

  • Grapeseed Oil – Balances oil production, rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C
  • Argan Oil – Improves elasticity, great for sensitive skin
  • Hempseed Oil – Anti-inflammatory, aides in eczema and psoriasis treatment
  • Aloe Extract – Fights redness, rebuilds new tissue, healing
  • Lavender Essential Oil – Regenerates, reduces scars and sun damage
  • Peppermint Essential Oil – Soothes, calms, reduces redness

1 review for Face Oils: Revive

  1. Catherine Petty

    It’s amazing how an oil can moisturize without feeling greasy or causing breakouts but these oils do it. They smell so refreshing.

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