Beach Bomb

Beach Bomb


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Bath Bombs – Grown-up Fun.

Hooray, bombs! If you haven’t yet experienced a bath bomb in your life, you need to. These beauties are pretty magical. They fizz, zoom, zip and flit about the tub, which should be cool enough in and of itself. Soap & Clay mondo bath bombs also condition the water, fill the bathroom with amazing scents, detoxify and soothe skin ailments. Pretty awesome, right? Bath bombs are a great way to take your tub time to the next level. And tub time? Should ALWAYS be taken to the next level.

Soap & Clay’s bath bombs contain a basic mix of baking soda and citric acid, plus tons of skin loving extras to nourish you from the outside in (not the other way around, please – they only look good enough to eat). For more information on the ingredients, click here.

Don’t forget about the little Sudsers! Check the link for smaller bombs with bright colors and fun, clean scents that are perfect for kid size baths.

As creating bath bombs is one of Mrs. Soap & Clay’s favorite addictions, stock can change fairly often so make sure to check back now and then.

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