Organic Handmade Soap

Our products are made with natural, skin-loving, oils and butters. We make awesome skin care, self care, and all of the soapy things!


Artisan Soap

Moisture-rich, latherrific, soaps for all of your soapy needs. Vegan, organic, skin-loving oils and butters.


Bath & Shower

For all your self-care needs! Bath bombs, bubble bath, steamers, shavers. There's a lot here!


Grooming Products

Skin and hair-loving oils, lotions, balms. We have your grooming game covered.

Savvy Sudsers

For the Savvy Sudsers! Pick up our best selling soaps and cosmetics at a discounted price. Because saving money is big brain. BE BIG BRAIN!

Solid Dish Soap