• Come paint with us!

    Our paint studio is now open! Grab a snack, pick a piece, and get your art on! Studio hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 11am - 6pm, and Sunday from 11am-5m. You can learn more about our paint your own pottery studio here. You can also book a semi-private … [Continue Reading]

    Come paint with us!
  • …what’s your sign?

    Seriously, we want to know! We've been hard at work designing and creating twelve new bars of soaps AND twelve new essential oil roller bottles to speak to your unique and individual heart-soul. Or, as unique and individual as you can be with twelve … [Continue Reading]

    …what’s your sign?
  • Dun dundundun dun dundundun…

    Game of Soaps is back! Who is ready for the final season?? Premiering Sunday, April 14th - get your Game of Soaps on in preparation for the occasion! So many people are going to die this season. So many bloodstains to wash … [Continue Reading]

    Dun dundundun dun dundundun…
  • Whipped Sugar Soap Scrubs

    New names, same AMAZING whippy/sugary/soapy/scrubby-ness. If you haven't tried Soap & Clay's Whipped Sugar Soap Scrubs, you are missing out. These beauties exfoliate like nobody's business (the sugar scrub bit), then foam up to a beautiful and … [Continue Reading]

    Whipped Sugar Soap Scrubs
  • Not a Morning Person?

    This bar is for you! The Espresso Shot is a no-nonsense bar: coffee, suds, and a bold Americano scent that will smack you in the face. You know, in a good way. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your morning routine. Hooray, caffeine! … [Continue Reading]

    Not a Morning Person?