• Santa Ships Free!

    And gives you a discount. He's super awesome like that. Sudsers! Take advantage of the last sale of the year (and the last sale on this website before we cross over to the new  one)! All orders placed between December 9th and December 14th will … [Continue Reading]

    Santa Ships Free!
  • All about that FACE!

    New face kits have been designed and loaded to the site - check out the new offerings below! https://soapandclay.com/shop/hey-girl-womens-line/all-about-that-face/ … [Continue Reading]

    All about that FACE!
  • DIY the Soap & Clay Way!

    Bring the magic of making stuff to your very own home with our new bath bomb kits! Each kit will make two full batches of bath bombs - 10 mondo bombs if you use the molds provided! Kit includes all materials and a step-by-step recipe from Mrs. Soap … [Continue Reading]

    DIY the Soap & Clay Way!
  • Macarons, Soap & Clay Style!

    Introducing our new bath melt macarons, AKA Batharons! These little beauties look like the real thing, smell like the real thing, but don't eat like the real thing. Seriously, don't eat them. Bath melts are made with cocoa butter, shea butter, and … [Continue Reading]

    Macarons, Soap & Clay Style!
  • Dun dundundun dun dundundun…

    Game of Soaps is back! And better than ever! Featuring two new houses, Game of Soaps is back and ready to ship! Check out the new offerings here! These soaps are a great Game of Thrones gift idea for your favorite geek. Can I be your favorite … [Continue Reading]

    Dun dundundun dun dundundun…