• Fall Soap Sale!

    Fall soaps and bombs are on the site and ready to be shipped! These are limited edition items and are going fast - snag your piece of the pie (literally, in this case) before they're … [Continue Reading]

    Fall Soap Sale!
  • No Shave November

    November is here! The leaves have turned, the temps have dropped, and the only thing between you and an extra 15 minutes of sleep in the morning is your shaving routine. Stash the razor and grow your 'stache! As November is an international No-Shave … [Continue Reading]

    No Shave November
  • Because Men Have Faces Too.

    Introducing our new line of men's skincare products! Our shave soaps are specially formulated to deliver a close shave without nicks or irritation. The post-shave care products moisturize and protect, and the beard oils, balms, and waxes condition … [Continue Reading]

    Because Men Have Faces Too.
  • Whipped Sugar Soap Scrubs

    New names, same AMAZING whippy/sugary/soapy/scrubby-ness. If you haven't tried Soap & Clay's Whipped Sugar Soap Scrubs, you are missing out. These beauties exfoliate like nobody's business (the sugar scrub bit), then foam up to a beautiful and … [Continue Reading]

    Whipped Sugar Soap Scrubs
  • Game of Soaps

    Game of Soaps! When you play the Game of Soaps, you get awesome! Direwolves. Dragons. A beautiful landscape as varied and unforgiving as the people who inhabit it. Corrupt kings, child kings, fallen kings, mad kings. Men as big as mountains. With … [Continue Reading]

    Game of Soaps